TNT Sporting Crab Pots Custom Made Direct in Oregon

Custom Sporting Crab Pots

TNT Crabpots was established in the 2002 and is located east of Portland, near Gresham, Oregon. Orders may be picked up at our facility or deliveries are provided on quantities or if we are able to incorporate with other scheduled deliveries. We hand make custom and standardized pots in three sizes; 26", 28" and 30" diameter and Dock Rings and Slip Rings. They are double wrapped with EPDM rubber over a steel frame with stainless steel wiring. The pots have two gated entries which are inverted into a tunnel shape and a hinged clean out door on top secured by a bungie hook. In case these pots are lost they have the state required rot away cord on the bungie. Our pots are grounded for best results and prevent electrolysis from occurring which will shock the crab and prevent them from entering.

Oregon regulations allow three crab traps per person. We make three types of traps; "traps or enclosed pots", slip rings, and open rings. The favorite trap is the enclosed pot which allows the crab to enter but not escape. The open rings and slip rings are most effective for catching crab quickly as there are no gates or enclosures to climb into. A shellfish license is required to catch Dungeness crab. Only male crab can be kept and must measure 5 3/4 inches across the back at the widest part of the shell. The legal limit is 12 per person. Washington and California regulations require a second escape ring which are 4 1/4 inches, which we put in on request.

Which Crab Pot Is Right For You?

Our 30" Heavy pot is very popular with its versatility for ocean and bay crabbing. Weighing 23 pounds it stays in place in the channels and during tide changes. The 28" Heavy is equally popular and is our personal favorite and can also be used in the ocean as well as bays. At 20 pounds it is a little easier on the arms. The 26" Small, 28" Medium and 30" Large pots weigh in as the light pots. They are great for just bay crabbing if there is no heavy tidal change.
Crab pots need to soak for at least 2-4 hours for best results. Most fisherman drop them and go fishing and check them after a 4-6 hour soak or overnight.

We have 2 sizes of Dock Rings. The 30" Ring with rope is our standard size. It has an 18" diameter bottom ring . The Large Dock Ring is a heavier duty Ring with a heavier bottom ring of 24" diameter. The netting measures about 23" long and consists of a heavier seine. Both Dock Rings come with a 3-point harness and 45 feet of rope. Dock Rings are great for fisherman who want to engage in just the sport of crabbing. The rings need to be checked every 15-20 minutes.

Our Slip Ring has a 28" diameter and consists of two rings; top and bottom that have a hand wired mesh on them. A third (slip) ring slips over the top ring and has netting attached to it which is fastened to the bottom ring. They come with a 3-point rope harness which is attached to the slip ring. The crab are trapped in the slip ring while pulling them up to the boat. The sides close up tight to the top ring and trap the crabs inside. They also need to be checked every 15-20 minutes. Slip rings are great if you don't want to pull fast or for kids or beginner crabbers.
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